Any image from the Photo Art Series can be adapted into a pillow design.
In addition, customers may choose to share their own photo...a pet, or grandchildren, etc. ...for me to create a personal pillow.
Shown below are some suggested images that have worked well as pillow designs. 
 Some may be adapted to either rectangle or square.

“soft photo art” pillows

   12 x 16 …..$40  (+tax)

   16 x 16 …..$45  (+tax)

   18 x 18 …..$50  (+tax)

   18 x 24 ….$60  (+tax)


  best wishes



  Monet's garden




  pink flower quilt



  red orchid


  Irish cottage


  blue hydrangeas


  beach chair


  white camellia


  pumpkin market


  Turkish tulip tile



  Turkish feather tile


  blue multi carpet


  red Turkish carpet


  French radishes